We are Pure.

Pure Studio originated in 2007 by Slade Mansfield and Jono Nienaber, both of whom came with previous experience from similar backgrounds. So it made sense to create a photographic studio run by photographers themselves. This allowed pure Studio to offer their skills-set to a wide range of clients ranging from local to international, design agencies companies and individuals alike. Pure Studio now comprises of 6 experienced photographers with a combined experience of over 50 years.

Pure Studio is a larger than life studio space of just under 400sq meters. This allows them to accommodate the automotive industry and to build large “sets” for household situations where locations are not an option. The variation of style amongst the photographers at Pure Studio have allowed them to accommodated their clients needs happily from intense shoots such as underwater fashion to aerial photography, kids clothing to jewelry. Pure Studio is a company that offers excellent client service as its main objective. When a client arrives on a photo shoot at the studio, they know they are in for a day of fun and creativity while at the same time achieving results that speak volumes for themselves and/or the brand which they represent. The photographers at pure studio love to spend time with their clients and this is evident by the clients which they serve.